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All Glove Industries | Specialist Glove Designers and Manufacturers | Proudly Australian


Allglove Industries as a company of specialist quality glove makers take immense pride in providing world class hand protection to the emergency Services personnel of Australia and New Zealand .

Manufacturing and supplying gloves to the Emergency services since 1994 we continue to lead the industry in terms of design, performance and customer service. Employing our many years of experience along with customer input high tech materials and modern manufacturing techniques we are widely regarded as one of the leading companies in the field.


Allglove Industries prides itself on being at the forefront of new developments in hand protection and with many years of industry experience has been instrumental in the development of HI-WEAR, our unique fire, water and chemical resistant leather which is exclusive to Allglove Industries range of Fire fighting gloves. HI-WEAR achieves the perfect balance between protection feel and dexterity and has earned its enviable reputation as one of the leading products in the performance leather market.

Firepro Gloves


Using our dedicated design team and with huge input from our customers the Emergency Services of Australia and New Zealand, Allglove Industries continues to be at the forefront of glove design and development, our aim being to provide world class hand protection to the Emergency Services of Australian and New Zealand.


Allglove Industries are able to supply an excellent range of competitively priced gloves for use across a wide number of applications. Utilising our ISO 9001 quality-assured tannery, and production facility, Allglove Industries continue to further explore the bounds of leather and fabric glove technology.